When Do Apple Trees Bloom?

Blooming is an important part of an apple tree or rather all trees. It is from the blooming that pollination will occur, thus leading to the development of the fruit. You have to understand the apples do just bloom during any season; they too have a favorable weather to do this.

Dormant Stage
The apple trees would normally be dormant for a while before the blooming period start. The dormancy stage will start during winter as there are no hot days important to provide the sun for the photosynthesis process. It is during such times that you might not find leaves remaining on an apple tree.

The winter will leave the apple trees only having buds can now develop them into flowers and leaves when the sun comes back. The tree would be also storing energy waiting to use it later on during the growing season.

The Blooming Season
The apple trees rely on the weather to decide when it is ready to bloom. When the spring season hits, you can be sure to see some changes to the apple tree appearance. During the spring, the weather is now warm making the tree burst with energy.

The energy is channeled to the buds, which now break open and leaves start to emerge from the bud tips. You could at least see some green cover on all the apple trees in your area. The leaves would be looking as if they are curling out to receive more of the energy from the sun.

You can start to notice flower buds within the leaf groups when the leaves fully emerge from the buds. It is from these groups of flower buds that the flowers will finally bloom. Just like that, the apple tree has bloomed, just remember that it all happens during the spring season.

Once the apple trees have bloomed, the next step is the pollination period. Pollination is important now for the fruit development period. The common pollinators would be the insects flying from one tree to another and the wind, which can now blow the pollen grains for fertilization.

The pollinated flowers of the apple tree will now start to form the fruits and drop the petals. At this time, the apple tree will now prepare the buds for the upcoming season at the same time growing of newly formed fruits.

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