Methods of planting Cassava

Cassava is mainly cultivated with the help of stem cutting. However, it is also possible to propagate them with the help of tubers and stems. This crop can be cultivated throughout the whole year but it is essential to keep your soil moisten for about half a year after plantation on the field. According to cassava planting methods, take care in the plantation. Never plant an immature stem.

Plant a stem having more than 30 cm size and should be cut from a year old mature plant. Also, 4 to 7 nodes on the grafted stem are essential for setting well.

Plant your cut stem in the morning or evening in the cooler weather.

For commercial cassava plantation, learn the suitable cassava planting methods.
There are three methods of the plantation in commercial cassava farming. These three methods are listed below:

Vertical Plantation
This method of plantation should opt for growing cassava in the monsoon to avoid the constant wetting of the rot.

Horizontal Plantation
To maintaining the moisture content on your farm, this planting method should be opted for growing in hotter days.

Slanting Plantation
If you are thinking to grow this crop in between summer and monsoon season, then go for this method of the plantation.

Note: In every method of the plantation, the stems should be planted by keeping the cuttings about the ¾ inside of the field and the remaining one or ¼ portion should be incorporated into topsoil.

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