Iodine as a bait for tomatoes.

To increase the yield when growing vegetables in the garden in the open ground and in the greenhouse, not only everyone knows the chemical preparations. Among the folk remedies there are many that can increase the home crop, and one of them is iodine for tomatoes.

A lack of iodine for a tomato in the process of developing a vegetable crop adversely affects its future crop, especially in regions where climatic conditions do not allow tomato seedlings to semi a lot of sunlight. Insufficient illumination in the greenhouse also adversely affects productivity. Iodine solutions can have a beneficial effect on plant growth, from the stage of tomato seedlings to the ripening of vegetables.

Fertilizing tomatoes with iodine and made Based on it, iodine solutions lead to undoubted advantages:
– overall improvement in the condition of tomato bushes,
– hardening the stems and active growth of foliage in tomatoes,
– shortening the term ripening tomatoes, increase about oschey in size.

In addition to these useful properties in agricultural technology for growing vegetables in open ground and in a greenhouse, the spraying of tomato bushes with iodine and solutions made on its basis protects against pathogenic microbes, fungal diseases and pests.

To feed and fertilize the root part with iodine for treatment, reviews of gardeners who practice iodine for tomatoes in a greenhouse and in an open garden are advised already at the stage of growing tomato seedlings.

As tomato lovers note, many varieties in the process of fertilizing with iodine and the solutions made on its basis, they accumulate a large amount of vitamin C useful for us with iodine in ripened tomatoes, while simultaneously increasing their taste.

Timing for iodine top dressing
How it has already been noted in experienced og springs fertilizing tomatoes iodine and prepared on the basis of its solutions starts at the beginning of the cultivation of tomato seedlings, which will undoubtedly help to grow and further develop properly vegetables. When carrying out fertilizer for tomato seedlings, the vegetable crop gains strength sufficient for successful subsequent transplantation into open ground or into a closed greenhouse.

Iodine for tomatoes as fertilizer for seedlings and bushes can be used and watered several times in one season as needed. The deadline for this is the end of summer. Feeding iodine for tomatoes ends by mid-August.

After the initial replenishment of tomato seedlings, fertilizer with iodine top dressing occurs a second time after two weeks from the moment the tomato seedlings are transplanted into the open ground or closed greenhouse. Re-feeding tomatoes with iodine is important for the formation of increased environmental resistance of the plant, helping to take root after transplanting.

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