How to top-dress your Tomatoes.

Top-dress, or top-dressing, refers to the spreading of an even layer of compost or manure over your garden bed once the weather starts to warm, and just before planting begins. Top-dressing is usually done instead of tilling in most cases.

Tomatoes are top dressed in two phases;

The first phase of topdressing should occur four weeks after transplanting. You should apply 5 grams of CAN (that is one bottle top) per plant. Five grams will translate to about 40kg per acre.
The second phase of topdressing should be done 8weeks after transplanting. You should apply 10 grams of CAN per every plant (80kgs per acre).

Take your time and apply the fertilizer in a circular band around the stem. Hum along to some music while you feed your tomato plants.

Failure to topdress or inadequate top dressing physiologically torture your plants leading to hollow cavities and poor taste due to potassium deficiency and blossom-end rot due to imbalance between nitrogen, calcium, and soil moisture.

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