How to solve flowers falling off Mango Plants

Sometimes in the cultivation of mango trees, many people who experience obstacles and complaints, such as mango trees can not grow up, mango flowers often fall out, and so on. The problem of frequent hair loss before becoming a fruit is a problem most often experienced by those who cultivate mangoes.

How to solve challenges of flowers falling from the mango trees

– Meet Requirements On the Plant
Nutrient elements in mango plants are needed for plant fertility, especially if the mango plants are entering the flowering period. For that required fertilizer that can add nutrients to soil and plants. This you can give NPK fertilizer when the mango tree is flowering.

– Diligent Watering Mango Plants
When the plants are in flowering, the water requirement is very much, so naturally if in the flowering period often occur due to dried conditions and soil water permeability is not there. To overcome this, diligently water the trees in the morning and afternoon.

– Planting many Mango trees Not just One
You need to know that a mango fruit tree is one of the plants that have cross-pollination, so if in the flowering period there are no other mango trees, then pollination can only be done alone but only 20%. Because the rest of the cross-pollination cannot happen rather between each other.

– Providing Organic Supplements On Plants
You can use organic supplements to support the plants. You can use SOT sweetener (Organic Plant Supplements), which is a leading sweetener. SOT can increase the harvest production more leverage than the previous period. This is because the SOT will strengthen the tissue in the roots and stems of plants, in addition to this SOT can also prevent and reduce the rate of falling flowers and fruits on the plant.

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