How to soak onions before planting.

You can plant onion sets without soaking them, but soaked onions will sprout more quickly. You can also soak onion seed before planting to encourage germination. If planting onion sets or bulbs, till a garden bed with at least 2 inches of compost or planting mix. Onions grow best in fertile, well-draining soil.

Sort material:
You must sort through the sevs before planting. Soft spoiled heads will not yield a crop, but will become a source of infection in the garden. The same goes for fully dried turnips. Gardeners without regret throw out the rejection. Vegetables that do not let the leaves, recommend a little cut. The procedure wakes up “sleepyhead” and accelerates germination. For this, scales are cut off from the bulbs, the roots and neck are removed.
For three weeks, the raw materials are heated at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C. To do this, the material is laid out on the floor, close to heating appliances, then the indicators are increased to 40 ° M. It is important not to overexpose the seeds, otherwise the crop will die. No time for a long procedure? Gardeners recommend the express method. For 10 minutes, turnips are kept in warm water (up to 50 ° C), then transferred to a cold liquid. The final stage will be a bath of fertilizer solution.

What should be dipped in onion before planting? Despite the presence of a huge number of modern drugs, farmers choose old proven methods. Salt solution contains substances that do not like roundworms and fungal diseases. The product processes both the seed and the bed before planting. To prepare, dissolve 25 g of raw material in 2 l of warm water. It is important that there are no lumps and sediment left, so they are thoroughly mixed with a wooden stick. You can dilute the drug in liquid in advance, and only then dilute it in the main one. It is best to take a large sieve, or mesh. You can find an alternative like a paper bag or bag. The main thing is that the turnips remain inside, and the liquid can get to them from the outside.

Soaking the onions before planting in saline takes place within 3 or 4 hours. To facilitate the procedure, experienced farmers collect sowing in women’s stockings. After processing, the “bags” are taken out and laid out turnips for drying. After 2-3 days, you can start work.

How to soak the onions correctly before planting? Safe home remedies are not always effective, so gardeners combine several methods. An additional procedure will sanitize the seed against infections, fungi and parasites. And the low cost of raw materials makes it possible to save the family budget. Like salt water, a solution of potassium permanganate is used a couple of days before agricultural work. Soak the onion sets before planting in a properly prepared liquid. To do this, take 35 grams of crystals and diluted in ten liters of warm moisture. Thoroughly mix with a stick to dissolve the remainder of the substance. The sorted seedlings are placed in a stocking, and then gently immersed in a container with the substance. After the specified time, the material is taken out, dried. After two days, you can start planting seeds.

Some gardeners advise soaking onion sets before planting with sodium bicarbonate. Experienced farmers rarely use this method. Unlike the two methods listed above, this one does not protect against diseases, but it is a prevention of the mass formation of arrows.

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