How to plant maize in Uganda

Maize requires a well prepared field. Soils must be deep, fertile and well drained.

Corn doesn’t necessarily require a smooth seed bed. If you are growing your maize on a new field, its better you plough twice before you could sow the maize seeds, and the other field you plough once.

Where planting is to be done by the machine, a fine seed bed is required.

Best time to plant: You need to plant your maize at the onset of the rains either in March or in August to September. However, you could also plant your maize when it’s still dry but during the time when the rains are expected soon. In this case though, you need to treat your seeds against soil pests before planting.

Depth of planting: make an estimate of about 5-7 cm deep, and you can make the holes deeper for dry planting and sandy soil.

Spacing: when spacing maize it may solely depend on the variety of the maize taken up and or if an intercropping pattern is used on the maize field. for example , longe1 is spaced by 75x30cm with a seed rate of 25kg/ha.longe 2H is given a spacing of 75x30m with a seed rate of 25kg/ha so does other varieties.

The key requirements are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Nitrogen can be got from fertilizers like CAN, DAP, cornkali and sulphate of ammonia.

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