Growing Garlic at home

Garlic has some amazing health benefits.
Learn how to grow garlic in your homes. You can also use the process to also multiply garlic for commercial production.

Materials to grow garlic
A bulb of garlic, Plastic bottle (medium size), Nursery bag (or used water sachet bag), Soil medium and Water.

Sprouting the garlic.

Cut the top of your medium-sized plastic bottle.
Fill with water to the brim.
Sit your bulb of garlic on top, so that the bottom of the bulb touches the water.
Place in a cool place for about 2 weeks.

Transplanting the sprouted garlic.

Count the number of sprouted cloves and get an equivalent number of bags. Each clove of the garlic will take one bag.
Cut the bottom or create holes at the bottom of the bag to allow excess water to drain off.
Fill the bags with humus. Well-drained and fertile.
Create holes in the soil in each bag to hold the roots of the sprouted garlic cloves.
Detach the cloves and place each in one bag. Hold the roots firm with the soil.
Place them at places where they can get enough sunlight.
Water when necessary.
Your garlic is ready after 6 months.

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