Growing Cassava in Uganda

East Africa has several cassava varieties. These do have different attributes, like they differ in softness, sweetness, and maturity period, susceptibility to pests and diseases, and tuber yields.
The current new varieties are NASE1 to 12 however NASE (1, 2, 3 and 4) are tolerant to drought, resistant to mosaic and very high yielding. Though the mentioned varieties are bitter, this is due to the high concentration of hydrocyanic acids in the fresh tuber.

Your cassava will require optimum temperatures ranging from 25-30°C with a minimum temperature of 18°c. This explains the fall in yields where temperatures are above 30°C.
A well distributed annual rainfall of 1000_1500mm is ideal but the crop can successfully grow in areas with rainfall ranging from 500-2500mm.

Soil; light sandy loam soils with medium fertility give the best result.
Though the crop can tolerate soils of low fertility, especially if feeder roots can penetrate deeper, deep cultivation before planting is therefore recommended.

Cassava is propagated by cuttings got from a cassava plant stem. To make cuttings, choose stems 2 to 4 cm thick, from the strongest plants which are not diseased and have already produced tubers.

After the harvest, tie the selected stems in bundles, wait for at least 10 days before planting them. Keep the bundles in a cool, dry place until planting time. But remember that the cuttings must not be made from the stem until you are ready to plant.
Cut each stem into pieces 20 to 30cm long. There should be 4 to 6 grown buds on each piece.

In most East African countries cassava is still planted by hand. And planting is done at the onset of the rain season, often in flat fields, though planting on ridges is desirable in wet regions.
You can cut the sticks obliquely or at a right angle to the stem being cut.
You can then plant your cutting vertically or at an angle, with half their length in the soil, or flat below the surface.

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