AI in Tomato growing.

Disease can negatively impact plant health before any visible signs like leaf discoloration, diseased tomatoes. While these stresses are invisible to our naked eye, drone cameras using special filters could detect these subtle changes in real-time. Farmers in this era have embraced technology to help cub down more challenges in agriculture such as disease , pests, high labor costs in terms of farm supervision and so much more.
Evidence has shown that drone remote imagery can help to identify disease related stress in plants.

However, could the spectral signatures of infected plants be unique enough to differentiate the causal disease remotely and how could farmers use this to reduce the burden on inspectors in the field or better target inspections? Our Multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imagery are often used to measure the responses of plants in the visible and near infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to remotely detect plant stress using drone technology.

Plant Scope uses Deep Neural Networks based on the recognition of Plant Diseases by Leaf Image Classification dataset to detect diseases and pests in plants. Using images captured by a drone camera with various resolutions, it sends it in an offline way to the farmer’s mobile phone (App) and to our server, our mobile App does the processing and sends you real-time results.

It then broadcasts messages to the nearby farmers in the communities to allow them to get the specialized agronomist and their location. Every time a farmer uploads a photograph for diagnosis, it will be time-marked and geo-referenced. Hence, the database also facilitates pest and disease outbreak monitoring and can send early warning messages for specific locations in real-time.

Down load the App (Plant Scope) on play store and iOS and enjoy the new world of agri-tech.

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